How to build dramatic light in Krita

Krita lighting tutorial
(Image credit: Toby Willsmer)

In this workshop I’ll be focusing on some of the techniques I use for adding dramatic lighting and shadows. We’ll start from the early sketching stages, all the way through to the completed illustration. I’ll be explaining what to keep in mind such as light sources, lighting figures and surroundings when drawing and painting them. We’ll also be looking at shadows and how to use them for storytelling and movement in your artwork.

For this piece, I’ll be using the painting software Krita and will explain the default brushes I used for this illustration, and how to give the finished piece extra life using a filter layer. Almost all of my work is figurative-based and having a basic understanding of anatomy will really help you when it comes to adding dramatic lighting to enhance figures. This practice will greatly benefit you when you begin to paint your illustrations. Okay, so let’s get stuck in!

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Toby Willsmer

Toby is a freelance illustrator in the comic and publishing worlds. His work is known for its vibrancy and dynamics.