Draw anatomy: 12 tips for drawing the body

In this post, I’ll reveal how to draw anatomy, using the basic steps in my lectures, and how they’re related. I’ll start with the first conception or inkling of an idea, and take you through to the final presentation. Each step involves applying core visual tools, like selecting icons for a particular program, that you need to know how to use, to develop your concept. 

Continuing the computer analogy, drawing is the graphical interface to your imagination. These tools enable you to relate your idea to yourself and the world.  I’ve organised these tools into a series of logical steps that can be applied to any visual presentation or any study of how to draw. All of us know a lot more than we think we do, and much of what I teach is simply making this knowledge accessible. 

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Glenn Vilppu
After 20 years spent as a figurative painter, Glenn gained work in the animation industry, for Warner Bros, Fox, Marvel Animation and others. He's a layout and storyboard artist, who also teaches at various institutions in the US, Europe and online at the Vilppu Academy.