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Is this the future of 3D movie projection?

Looking like a cross between a zoetrope and a nightclub, the stroboscope combines 3D modelling and mathematical precision to produce a unique animation effect.

Due to their size and complicated mechanics, there are only 3 stroboscopes in the world. Both Pixar and Studio Ghibli have one, while the most recent stroboscope was commisioned by the enigmatic musician/producer SBTRKT and the record label Young Turks.

With its combination of 3D printed, hand-painted sculptures and 20 banks of strobe LEDS, the stroboscope is a balance between physical craft and intricate technology which perfectly reflects SBTRKT.

Created by Nexus director Jim Le Fevre in collaboration with Red Bull, the stroboscope has even been dubbed the SBTRKT-O-SCOPE in honour of the artist.

Standing 8ft tall and 6ft wide, the SBTRKT-O-SCOPE incorporates 40 models that are mounted in a progressive loop. When activated, this stroboscope shows the SBTRKT character climb out of the sea and scale skyscrapers.

Spinning at 33.3rpm, the illusion of animation is created with a strobe rig. "A magnet sensor continually assesses the revolutions per minute and adjusts the strobe accordingly," explains Jim Le Fevre.

He adds, "only when you have everything in place, and fire up the strobes and motor do you know whether it will work!"

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Dom Carter
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