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3D print from your smartphone with new app Olo

3D smartphone printer

Olo aims to revolutionise 3D printing

In the last few years 3D printing has really come into its own, with manufacturers, businesses and creative directors finding new ways to put the technology to use. To give beginners and professionals the chance to enjoy 3D printing, Olo have created an app and printer that let users create 3D objects directly from your smartphone.

Having made its debut in New York last year, Olo has gone on to rack up rave reviews all over the world. It's easy to see why Olo is winning over lots of fans as they've spent years perfecting their app and printer, resulting in a game-changing piece of technology.

To use Olo, simply load up the design you want to print, pop the building chamber over your smartphone screen, and pour in Olo's photopolymer resin. By using the light from the screen of the smartphone, models are built up and hardened layer by layer.

Designs can be chosen directly from Olo's app, or you can import your own by using any 3D scanning software. With a range of resins made from different materials, users can create strong or flexible models in various colours.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, Olo is a simple and affordable way to design, create and share 3D models. Head over to Olo's Kickstarter page to see how you can get involved with this project, and see the amazing smartphone printer in action by watching the video below.

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