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New project allows the blind to appreciate art masterpieces

unseen art project

Unseen art are allowing the blind the experience of viewing art masterpieces

The Unseen Art project is a campaign launched via Indiegogo by Finnish designer, Marc Dillon, to re-creating classic paintings in 3D.

This is a new, accesible way to experience art geared towards the blind and visually impaired – allowing them, for the first time, to experience the inspiration, education, and thought-provoking feelings that meaningful art creates.

These 3D printed masterpieces, unlike the originals displayed far from reach in pricey museums may be touched and made freely available worldwide in both a gallery setting and in the comfort of your own home.

unseen art 3d printer

The 3D art is available to download for free, so people can enjoy them cheaply and globally

With the passion to create equal access for art globally the Unseen team are involving artists from all over the world to re-create classical art paintings in 3D.

3D printing enables people to produce the art in low costs, anyone in the world can download them for free making it accessible wherever there's a 3D printer!

For more information on the project, watch the video below.

Watch the video

Get involved with Unseen Art by supporting their campaign.

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