3D World download files for issue 210

To download your free files, models and video resources to accompany the tutorial and feature content of 3D World issue 210, use the links below.

If you have any problems or questions about 3D World emailian.dean@futurenet.com

If you've missed the magazine to make full use of these download resources, you can order a copy at www.bit.ly/3dworld-magazine

Free! 2-hour Pluralsight video course: Model a video game asset

We've teamed-up with leading online trainer Pluralsight to offer a free 2-hour video course, in which you'll learn to sculpt a weapon for video game production using ZBrush.

Download video 1 here (2.8MB)

Download video 2 here (17.1MB)

Download video 3 here (18.3MB)

Download video 4 here (16.8MB)

Download video 5 here (17.1MB)

Download video 6 here (17.5MB)

Download video 7 here (20MB)

Download video 8 here (25.9MB)

Download video 9 here (14.4MB)

Download video 10 here (17.3MB)

Download video 11 here (20.1MB)

Download video 12 here (13.2MB)

Download video 13 here (18.6MB)

Download video 14 here (13.9MB)

Download video 15 here (17.3MB)

Download video 16 here (19MB)

Showcase: Various artists

Get more from this issue's reader projects by following their process images, WIPs and more.

Download your files here (50MB)

Artist Q&A: Various

Follow our artists' training in more detail with their hi-res art, step-by-step screen images and video demo. This issue covers creating shaders with advanced specular reflections in Maya and speeding up your ZBrush workflow.

Download your files and video here (116MB)

Tutorial: Skin shading and rendering with Maya and V-Ray

Antony Ward shows how to get to grips with V-Ray and its skin shaders, with Maya. Download the step-by-step screens, plus video walkthrough and resource files.

Download your files here (65MB)

Download your video here (416MB)

Tutorial: Master VR in Maya

Learn the core techniques for real-time VR rendering and content generation with Maya, with Dominik Capodieci and Moritz Strickhausen. Download the hi-res step images, plus video walkthrough and demo version of the VR-Plugin for Maya app.

Download your files here (52.6MB)

Download your video here (893.6MB)

Download the VR for Maya Plugin here (12.3MB)

Tutorial: Speed up your modelling

David Edwards shows how to produce detailed 3D concepts using rapid symmetry. Download the extra walkthrough, tutorials and step-by-step images.

Download your files here (87MB)

Tutorial: Crafting food scenes

Paul Hatton demonstrates the key principles to consider to help images shine, download the model, video walkthrough and step-by-step images.

Download your files here (18MB)

Download your video here (98MB)

Tutorial: Modelling a spaceship for gameplay design

Alex Clarke shows how to create an in-game model for Fractured Space, download his hi-res step-by-step images.

Download your files here (281MB)

Tutorial: Create a hyperreal render in V-Ray

Gustavo Groppo reveals how to master the finer points of V-Ray and improve your render workflow.

Download your files here (20MB)

Tutorial: Render a Maya scene using Redshift

Mike Griggs shows how to get to grips with the Redshift renderer in Maya 2016. Download the video walkthrough and hi-res art to follow this training.

Download your files here (18.8MB)

Download your video here (261MB)

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