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Apple icons brought to life in 3D model village

Apple's skeuomorphic icons have been both praised and criticised for their design - and last yeaar they were all but outlawed as Jonathan Ive's flat design philosophy took a grip of the iPhone and iPad. However, three students from Kingston University decided to celebrate the icons in all their skeuomorphic glory by creating a 3D village that sees the icons brought to life.

Created by Carrie Bale, Doug Hindson and Jooyoung Ryu in just one week, they explain "As skeuomorphism fades from popularity, 'Skew' turns the idea on its head: we re-made some well known skeuomorphic interface designs in the materials and objects they were trying to imitate; as well as subtly commenting on the mundane cycle of the digital day-to-day."

Everything was made out of fibreboard, card stock and paper and see every aspect of the icons coming to quirky life. It's Apple's icons as we've never seen them before - and we like it.

[via Web Designer Depot]

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