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A Pixar secret revealed every day with this advent calendar

Blue umbrella calendar

Click the image to visit The Blue Umbrella advent calendar

With any new Pixar movie, comes a Pixar short to be screened before it. The Blue Umbrella was the short accompanying Monsters University, and proved just as popular as the feature film.

The short tells a simple love story between a blue and a red umbrella in a magical city that comes alive with expressive faces when it begins to rain. It's yet another example of Pixar's talent when it comes to creating emotive characters out of every day objects.

Here, The Blue Umbrella making-of holiday calendar acts as an advent calendar for the festive season - showcasing inspiring behind-the-scenes snippets and secrets about the short film. Forget chocolate - get your creative inspiration right here!

Visit The Blue Umbrella making-of advent calendar.

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