20 amazing examples of WebGL in action

09. Quake 3 

WebGL sites: Quake 3

It's Quake 3... you just can't play it

This next game is less playable, but more graphically impressive: developer Brandon Jones converted a level from Quake 3 to a WebGL demo, complete with music. It's fun to run around in, even if you can't play it properly.

10. WebGL Water

WebGL sites: WebGL Water

Create waves with Evan's Water experiment

WebGL Water is an experiment by Evan Wallace and it features an interactive scene of a ball in a pool complete with reflections, refractions, caustics and ambient occlusion. You can draw on the water with your mouse to make ripples, change the light direction or even toggle gravity – worth a play.

11. Google Maps Cube Game

WebGL sites: Google Maps Cube Game

Help a small blue ball navigate the streets of a city near(ish) you

The Google Maps team joined with B-Reel to make the Google Maps Cube Game, where you help a small blue ball navigate the streets of New York, Tokyo, Paris and San Francisco (among others). As you move your mouse, the cube rotates and the ball rolls down the streets, bouncing off buildings and making its way towards the goal. The Maps Cube game makes use of three.js for its gorgeous rendering. 

12. WebGL Cars

WebGL Cars is a demo created by three.js co-author AlteredQualia. As is typical for his demos, it is visually impressive – you can drive around two high-polygon cars around a scene. The demo itself boasts real-time reflections, shadow maps and an impressive post-processing motion blur effect.

13. Particle Morph

WebGL has the ability to push around a lot of 3D points, as you'll see in OutsideOfSociety's Particle Morph demo. In the demo you'll see 85,000 particles morphing between shapes, all of which should run silky smooth for anyone using a relatively new computer. 

14. Chaos to Perfection

Chaos to Perfection is described as an "interactive stroll around the Palace of Versailles" and that, to be fair, is exactly what it is.

As you launch the site you are greeted with a soundtrack and given a tour of some of the features of the palace, but it's in the execution this project really shines. As you float around the palace's various settings looking at its high fidelity architecture and pieces the scenes effortless blend together, resulting in a very cinematic feel.

This is an updated and extended version of an article that previously appeared on Creative Bloq.

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