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Batman-inspired CG illustration is a moody marvel

Alessandro Baldasseroni is a lead character artist at Blur Studios, where he has worked for seven years. His latest project was influenced by work done for the Batman Arkham Origins cinematics. Deathstroke’s Revenge is based on the model used for the cinematic, but influenced by the artist’s own Revenge series of illustrations.

"I tend to privilege form, mood and colours over details," Baldasseroni says as he reflects on his influences. This filters into his CG illustration, which focuses on gesture and narrative elements when posing the early model. "My favourite tool is Transpose Master in ZBrush for posing the main character," says the artist.

I tend to privilege form, mood and colours over details

When work begins on lighting, Baldasseroni looks for references "of specific moods and colour schemes, and my sources are mostly digital paintings, traditional artworks and photographs.

"Based on the mood and environment, I choose to paint or do a photo collage of the background elements," he adds.

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 180.