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Classic movie sets rendered in beautiful 3D

movies rendered in 3D

Siebe de Boer's tribute to the Shangri-La Towers set from Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985)

Designers are often inspired by other creative outlets, including movies. Here Netherlands based designer Siebe de Boer was inspired by the architectual greats of Hollywood and created this gorgeous series of 3D rendered movie sets.

"These days, grandiose movie sets seem to fit no other purpose then to be blown up and/or generate as many lensflares as possible. Although there is still great design being done in movies, it is often inspired by the greats," he explains. "So I wanted to look back to some of my personal favourites and rebuild them in the computer, to walk around in them, enjoy them and to study what made them so great.

"This resulted in a small series called 'Rear Window', in which I remade sets from 'Rear Window', 'Dr. Strangelove', 'Brazil' and 'Gattaca'. Sometimes it's a copy, sometimes it shows these familiar sets in a new perspective." One thing's for sure - they're utterly beautiful.

movies rendered in 3D

Rear Window (1954)

movies rendered in 3D

Gattaca (1997)

movies rendered in 3D

Above and below: The war room from Dr Strangelove (1954)

movies rendered in 3D

See more incredible work over on Siebe de Boer's website.

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