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Mastering the art of architectural visualisation

3D World technical editor Rob Redman takes a look at Evermotion's comprehensive guide to getting started with arch-viz.

Evermotion has long had a reputation for supplying high-quality assets, mostly aimed at the arch-viz industry (read all about archviz here). Its Archviz Training DVD, however, is slightly different. Aimed at the same target audience, it is a fairly comprehensive guide to getting started and producing good results in arch-viz renders.

Once purchased you will need to make a coffee, as the download is 6GB in multiple .rar files. You have five attempts (just in case you face problems). The course is thorough, starting with some basics, such as working in linear colour and calibrating your monitor.

This is a comprehensive guide to getting started and producing good results in arch-viz renders

Aimed squarely at 3ds Max and V-Ray users, the course jumps right in and explains all about using global illumination, including different types, along with how and why you might use the effects in various situations. There are also a number of video lessons where you can follow along with the presenter. These take you through from setting up reference images and rendering, to post-production using Magic Bullet Looks.

While the course uses specific software, there is plenty of very useful real-world information so that no matter what application you use, there is plenty to help you raise your game.

Words: Rob Redman

Rob is the technical editor of 3D World magazine, and is a digital artist and designer with over a decade’s experience in the CG industry. This article originally appeared in 3D World magazine issue 180 - on sale now!

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