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Animation shows what happens when tech fights back

We rely on electrical appliance s– from coffee machines to computers to gaming consoles – but they can sometimes feel a little taken for granted. Well, that's what designer and animator Michael Marczewski thinks, anyway.

"Electrical appliances tend to have a lot of built up anger towards their users," he teases. 'Bad Vibes' is a horrifically delightful animation that explores what would happen if these gadgets started to take revenge on their owners.

Whilst the content might make some of you shield their eyes, the overall design of the animation is incredibly beautiful. Bringing together a gorgeous palette, making for a seamless transition from scene-to-scene, 'Bad Vibes' will give you anything but.

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A founder member of the Creative Bloq team, Sammy Maine is now a freelance journalist. She also thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best television series ever created.