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Top 5 VFX breakdowns of October 2015

Want to know the VFX secrets of the top 3D movies of the moment? Then you really need to check out our sister title 3D World magazine, the world's leading title for 3D artists and animators, which has a direct line to the industry's biggest names. But in the meantime, here's an amuse-bouche, in the form of the best VFX breakdown videos released this month.

From dinosaur devastation to political pioneers, take a look behind the scenes of some top-class visual effects, and get a unique insight into how they were created...

01. Jurassic World #1

Whatever you think of the latest Jurassic Park movie, it certainly featured some stunning CGI. Check out the making of the Indominus Rex in this new special IAMAG Jurassic World breakdown featuring the work of ILM.

02. Jurassic World #2

Typical: you wait ages for a Jurassic World breakdown and then two come along at once... Here's another revealing breakdown vid, courtesy of Canadian VFX studio Image Engine.

03. The Wave

The Wave (original title: Bølgen) is a Norwegian catastrophe drama film that's become a surprise international hit in 2015. In this great VFX breakdown video, Norwegian VFX company Gimpville gives us a behind the scenes glimpse of their stunning CG work on the movie.

You don't expect see the words "logo design" and "VFX breakdown" together very often. But here JAMM, a visual effects boutique founded by VFX supervisors Andy Boyd and Jake Montgomery and executive producer Asher Edwards, presents a stunning insight into the making of the Tristar Logo sequence.

05. Suffragette

It's not just megabudget disaster movies than require CG of course, and right now the buzz is all about historical drama Suffragette. Here Union FX reveal some of the VFX secrets behind the inspiring tale featuring Sarah Gavron (director), Alice Normington (production designer) and Simon Hughes (VFX supervisor).

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