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WATCH THIS! The many faces of LAIKA's ParaNorman

LAIKA, the team that brought you the stunning animated movie 'Coraline' back in 2009 are back with another spooky offering 'ParaNorman.' The studio were the one of the first to use replacement animation; a technique that uses thousands of moulded faces with different expressions.

The team used a total of 8000 lbs of printing powder, 77 gallons of superglue, 300 puppets, 40,000 faces, 50 stages, 5000 X-Acto blades, 66,400 rare Earth magents, 729 sheets of sandpaper, 2 gallons of white resin and 25,000 gloves! Phew. If that's not dedication, then we don't know what is!

Watch this! ParaNorman trailer:

After seeing the incredible techniques and attention to detail, we couldn't be more excited about the film. Although replacement animation tends to be a longer process as opposed to other forms of stop motion animation, we think that LAIKA are onto a winner. ParaNorman's stop motion style is highly original and one of the most creative technqiues we've ever come across.

ParaNorman is in US theaters tomorrow and hits cinemas in the UK on 14 September.

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Have you seen any unique and inspiring 3D or stop motion techniques? Are you looking forward to seeing ParaNorman? Let us know in the comments box below!