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Watch the mo-cap world record being smashed

It's amazing how far motion capture, aka performance capture, has come in the last few years. Once the purview of a small number of niche studios such as Andy Serkis's Imaginarium Studios, these days it's used for 3D movies ranging from Planet of the Apes to Paddington, not to mention videogame franchises like Halo and Call of Duty.

Animatrik performance-captured an amazing 21 actors all at once

Animatrik performance-captured an amazing 21 actors all at once

While capturing more than one actor at a time was once a challenging technical feat, multiple mocap has become the norm. And Animatrik – a leading provider of performance capture for film, television, and video games – proves the point in this stunning video, above.

Using Lightstorm Entertainment Inc’s Giant technology, Animatrik was able to capture 21 performers in a live capture volume all at one time.

They reckon it's a new world record – although if anyone reading this has evidence to the contrary, we'd love to see it!

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