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CutOff: a 3D student triumph

It's always exciting when we come across fresh talent here at Creative Bloq. It's great, then, that it's the time of year when many animation students and graduates unleash their works upon the internet.

Graduating from France's esteemed animation school Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistic in Montpellier, the institution is known for paving the way in 3D animation training. This short 'CutOff' has certainly continued the school's impeccable reputation.

Sweet story

Created by graduates Simon Chansard, Lucas Dworianyn, Hollie Gach, Duc Duy Nguyen, and Victor Pillet, 'CutOff' is a stunning, sweet story of a boy and his grandmother.

Commenting on materialism and the importance of family and adventure, the film also boasts incredible 3D animation skills. The voices are provided by Marie-Christine Darah, Donald Reignoux and Deborah Perret, whilst the music created by Xavier Bussy perfectly complements the story.

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