Web designer extends portfolio with exceptional CG artwork

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"I enjoyed sculpting the face and skin of the demon the most," says web designer James Suret. "As soon as I put the eyes and teeth in it really came to life. Looking at the finished image I think I managed to make the demon look quite imposing and fierce."

While his 3D art is purely a hobby for now, Suret is eager to keep learning and make it as a CG artist. He has picked up freelance work on small indie game projects, creating low-poly models, and is now focused on improving his sculpting.

Web designer Surat is currently working on developing his sculpting skills

"This image turned out very differently from my initial concept," says Suret. "Originally I wanted to create a necromancer-style character with a large demonic pet. However, after sculpting the demon I decided he was too interesting to be the secondary character in the image, so I removed the necromancer character and created a mountain environment for the demon."

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 180.