You won't believe these beautiful landscapes are CG

With the field of digital art ever-evolving, it's now often the case where telling the difference between realistic 3D art and a photograph is near impossible. And the following work is a prime example of this. Yes, believe it or not, the images you are about to see are all CG.

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Alex Alvarez

This lush landscape was created by veteran 3D artist Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarez has worked on numerous hit movies, including Avatar and Super 8. A master of 3D nature scenes, Alvarez, unbelievably, spent just over a day putting this piece together, using a combination of tools from Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop and Zbrush.

Ben Pretorius

Ben Pretorius created this idyllic scene using 3ds Max, ForestPack, WorldMachine and Photoshop

This beautiful mountain view was created by digital artist Ben Pretorius using 3ds Max, ForestPack, WorldMachine and Photoshop. Pretorius does a brilliant job of portraying this scene in an accurate and realistic way, using natural colours and reflecting the mountain and sky in the beautifully calm water.

Daniel Respaud

Respaud creates a huge amount of detail in this 3D landscape

It's clear to see how this 3D render by Daniel Respaud got the name Chaos, the detail in which you could pore over for hours. "At 11 or 12 years old, I became interested in computers, and I liked to draw," he comments on CG Trader. "With time, both of those interests merged and the computer became a way of helping me with the difficulties I have when drawing, such as accurate perspective. It's a way for me to focus on something I really like: composition, colors and atmospheres."

Johannes Rosenberg

This beautiful piece by Johnnes Rosenberg could easily be mistaken for a photograph

No, your eyes are not decieving you, this really is a computer generated image. The artist behind the piece is Johannes Rosenberg, who also happens to be a developer of the professional terrain generator called GeoControl.

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