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Adobe announces free Lightroom for Android

In October this year, Adobe released its photo processor and image organiser Lightroom 2.0 for iOS, which made it possible to use the program on iPhones and iPads without a paid subscription. Today the company has announced Lightroom for Android version 1.4, which adds the same free offering for Android users.

The ability to use Lightroom for mobile without a paid subscription means that anyone can take advantage of all of the organisational, editing and sharing abilities that Lightroom for mobile offers. Signing up for a free trial or logging in with a Creative Cloud subscription adds the ability to synchronize files and edits with Lightroom on a desktop or laptop, as well as with Lightroom Web.

A press release today stated: 'We're really excited to continue our focus on Android and pleased that Lightroom for mobile was recently listed by Google as one of the top apps of 2015. We've seen Android grow as a platform over the years, with billions of users around the world. As a photography platform, Android is making huge leaps and strides.

'New devices are being launched all the time with better and better cameras, and with the launch of Lollipop and the ability to shoot raw DNG files, Android provides one of the most powerful photography platforms available. Lightroom for Android supports raw DNG workflows making it possible to enhance images and take full advantage of all of the quality and details found in images captured on Android devices'.

You can find more information on and download Lightroom for Android 1.4 here.