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Building a rich PDF portfolio

Adobe's CS3.3 update introduces Acrobat 9 Pro and Pro Extended to the design community as a far beefier package than its predecessor. Its new tool sets allow any designer to create a rich, feature-packed portfolio of existing work in minutes.

Utilising Flash, you can now compile and present video and other elements of your design portfolio in one, slim PDF document, which you can email to prospective clients, or enable them to download it from your website.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to use Acrobat 9 to compile such a portfolio. You'll need the latest version of Acrobat 9, as well as extracts from your existing work formatted to the appropriate dimensions.

By the end of the project, you'll have a feature-rich PDF portfolio that mimics iTunes' coverflow technique, showcasing your work in a thoroughly effective and eye-catching manner - which, after all, is any professional freelancer's most vital asset.

Click here to download the tutorial for free