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Kapow! Nike's massive monster manga mashup

We're big fans of the work of Dutch director and motion designer Hugo Goudswaard. Plus we're big fans of comic art and animation, particularly anything with a manga influence. And, of course, we're huge fans of Nike sneakers. So when we heard about that AKQA Shanghai was teaming up with Goudswaard to create a promo for Nike+ we just couldn't wait!

The video's now arrived and it doesn't disappoint. A spot-on mixture of live action and faux-naive comic-art animation, it features a young couple racing around a bleak cityscape being terrorised by a hideous monster. The monster is no match, though, for their youthful exhuberance, martial arts skills and cool Nike gear.

"I worked on this monster with a great team from all around the world," says Goudswaard. The promo was directed by Jonty Toosey, with illustrations by Freek van Haagen, and post production by Technicolor Beijing.

You can see more of Goudswaard's work on his Vimeo page.