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Should designers get used to doing more for less?

"It's a really tough one. Particularly because it's design. Crafting a beautiful piece of design - an item of beauty where it's as much of what isn't there as what is there filling the page or the screen," says Senior, who founded creative / ad agency Fallon in the late 1990s.

"I really feel for those guys and girls who are being asked to do the impossible in impossible time frames. I don't have a solution, because that's only going one way.

Be enthusiastic, confident

"Every kid in a bloody bedroom has become a designer and a film editor and a music engineer or writer. I think the thing to focus on: if there's only 'x' number of hours, the only thing you can do in those hours is approach [your job] with gusto and confidence.

"There's a reason why that designer's got a job in that design agency. It's probably because they're a bloody good designer. So how about just being a bloody good designer? There are some things we can't control. Timelines is one of them. Unfortunately we just have to suck it up and get on with it."

Robert Senior spoke to us at the LeadersIn Business event on Thursday 8 November. Keep checking back more advice, insights and inspiration from Senior on the Computers Arts blog.