Ad agency launches world's biggest memory game

In these days of declining postal services, as more and more mail gets moved online, Swedish mail carrier Swedish Post service wanted to get people excited about delivering packages for Christmas.

Rather than the usual TV or poster camapign, advertising agency Åkestam Holst came up with an original and inventive approach. They decided to create the world's largest memory game - carried out live in a warehouse in Stockholm via the web.

The game board, 400 parcels scattered in a 2,580-square-foot warehouse, was live streamed on the website over a 30 hour period.

Players from all the world directed workers in a Stockholm warehouse via the web

By winning a qualifying round, players from all over the world got to select two parcels, which postal workers then held up for the cameras to signify their contents.

If you found two parcels with the same content you won them both - and free delivery anywhere within Sweden. This 40 second video explains how it all worked...

While there's a look behind the scenes at the making of the game here.

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