5 things you never knew about CSS

Text featuring the word CSS with each of the letters broken up into component parts
(Image credit: Future)

For a long time, CSS didn’t contain a huge number of surprises. Developing at a leisurely pace, the language was content to style your fonts and float your divs, while languages like JavaScript did a lot of the heavy lifting.

However, in recent years, the language has enjoyed a midlife renaissance, with its W3C working group carving out much more real estate for it in the modern development landscape. Whether you’re putting together responsive website layouts, meticulously crafted animations or constructing pixel-perfect components, CSS now has an enormous amount of horsepower under its hood. But while this offers you a whole new toolkit when styling your sites, it does mean that its easy to miss new tricks that you can incorporate into your development workflow.

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Josh Russell

Josh is the editor of T3 magazine and the former editor of web design magazine, net. He leads the creation of every issue of T3, bringing readers the tech they need to know about, but haven't heard of yet. He is an alliteration addict, tech obsessive and reformed coffee snob.