6 UI design mistakes that are killing your conversion rates

Certain UI design mistakes can really turn customers off, but they're surprisingly common. On the other hand, effective UI design can create a pleasant experience and boost conversations. So what are the errors to avoid?

We think there are at least three criteria that an app or website's user interface needs to satisfy in order to attract, convert, and retain visitors: it has to be engaging, and captivating, and it needs to trigger an emotional response. Below we'll delve into six common UX design mistakes that can get in the way of that, and we'll look at how to avoid them.

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Dana Kachan
Dana is a passionate writer and content ninja and she can talk about design, tech, and marketing for days. Now she is associated with Rioks B2B marketing consultancy, working mostly with the graphic design and app development companies. She writes on various topics of social media, web design, mobile apps, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, startups and much more in the cutting edge digital world.