5 key UX and UI trends for 2022

UI trends for 2022
(Image credit: Oculus)

What will impact on UX and UI trends for 2022? Well, it could finally be the year that we get back to 'normal', but it's likely to still be a somewhat different normal. Covid-19 has changed how we work in the world of digital forever. While we were contained in our homes we were still connecting, meeting and creating, just in a new and slightly different way. Zoom meetings are now the norm and running a business in a virtual and real-world crossover has become more commonplace and sophisticated.

More and more of us are using digital services, but how are we using them and what are we going to be using in the coming year? Here we take a closer look at UX/UI trends for 2022: the tendencies that we think will shape how we work and create in the next year. 

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Francesca Griffiths

Francesca is head of digital at EPM Agency. She designs and delivers excellent, intuitive journeys for customers. She is focused on putting the user at the heart of the experience and is led by research and data of user behaviours; constantly iterating to improve the customer journey.