2022's design trends are here, but we're not convinced

"8 Graphic Design Trends that Will Define 2022" on a graphic.
(Image credit: Venngage)

Just when you were getting used to 2021, the predictions for the next year's graphic design trends have just been announced. That's right, with 2021's end in sight, here's what to expect in the world of graphic design over the next 12 months.

This nifty infographic is jam-packed full of inspiration for graphic designers to sink their teeth into. From serif fonts to inclusive visuals, Venngage has predicted 8 graphic design trends for 2022 and crammed it all into the infographic below. If you're here for some well-designed infographics or wanted to have a go at making your own, then check out our roundup of the best infographic makers. But if you are here as a graphic designer ready to get a jump start on designs for next year, why not have a look at our best Adobe deals?

An infographic of 8 graphic design predications.

(Image credit: Vengagge)

According to Venngage, the pandemic is set to have a major impact on graphic design trends over the next few years. They predict that we will see brighter colours in graphic design over the next year, as well as branded memes and a rise in the serif fonts - all of which we heartily agree with. 

We believe the popularity of the serif fonts comes attached with the 70's trend. There has been a lot of love for the '70s at the minute, with retro outfits, interiors, music and designs doing the rounds on social media, especially TikTok. We expect to see lots of tonal colours being used with this font as well, such as browns, oranges and dark greens. 

Of course, there is always a time and place for monochrome, but as Venngage predicts, bright colours are back. In order for your designs to stand out on the likes of social media, it's great to use vibrant colours and bold outlines to really make your work pop.

We're not sure you can class branded memes or screenshots as a graphic design trend, as it's more of a social media trend, but it's a great way to get your brand out there and practice your photoshopping skills.

Only time will tell if these predictions were accurate or not, but if you're feeling inspired then why not jump straight in and start designing on one of the best laptops for graphic design? Or if you're still seeking inspiration, check out our roundup of the best graphic design books.

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