AMD vs Nvidia – which makes the card for you, and which is better?

AMD vs Nvidia - vs image with both logos
(Image credit: Nvidia/AMD)

The graphics card conversation is dominated by the AMD vs Nvidia face-off. These two brands have retained a firm grip on almost the entire graphics card market for a long while now, and certainly the past few generations – despite Intel trying to muscle in recently.

The highlights of the AMD vs Nvidia battle, if you will, are usually centered around the cards that are the most powerful, and most highly specced – and, thus, often the most expensive. But the choice and comparisons do continue right down the spectrum into the budget graphics card zone. This was particularly present in the last generation of cards – which are still available, to a point, and should continue in this gen too. Though we may have to look to the rest of 2023 for those lower-end cards to catch up and be released.

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Rob Dwiar
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Gaming; Tech, hardware and games writer

Rob is the Deputy Editor at TechRadar Gaming, and a writer on games, gaming hardware, and tech, and also gardens and landscapes. He has been in the gaming and tech media industry for more than six years with bylines at the likes of Eurogamer, PCGamer, RockPaperShotgun, GamesRadar+, and more. Previously to being at TechRadar Gaming, he had a short but successful stint as Games Editor at WePC, and prior to that spent more than four years at GamesRadar+, building its hardware team up from scratch to great success. Elsewhere, he is merging his passion and expertise in both gardens and landscapes and video games by crowdfunding a book on video game landscapes that you can back and pre-order now.