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Two design giants join forces in surprise merger

ANTI + Non-Format launches today

ANTI + Non-Format launches today

Massive news for a Monday: Anglo-Scandinavian graphic design duo Non-Format has joined forces with one of Norway's most progressive design firms, ANTI.

After 15 years' producing some of the industry's most progressive design work as a two-man team, Non-Format's Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss announced this morning that they will be joining ANTI's world-class team of designers, project managers and strategists.

"We're in very good company and we're already benefitting from the amazing opportunities and support that ANTI has to offer," say the pair. "If you like the work of Non-Format as a duo then we think you're going to love what we do as ANTI + Non-Format."

Non-Format will retain its US studio, alongside its new HQ in Norway. As huge fans of both teams, we can't wait to see what comes out of ANTI + Non-Format.

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