The 13 best free Android apps

Grab some helpful tools with these free Android apps – from photography to 3D and sketching to fonts, for your Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, or Sony Xperia device, there's sure to something that will take your fancy – and most will work on tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 'phablets' including the Samsung Galaxy Note, too.

And because they're free, you can download them, try them out, and uninstall them if they're not to your fancy – you've nothing to lose! Here's our selection.

01. Artflow

Paint, sketch and draw to your heart's content with Artflow

Featuring multiple paint brushes to choose from, a smudge and eraser tool, Artflow allows you to convert your Android device into a digital sketchbook. It's free to download but the app's advanced features require a pro license. That said, the free version will allow you to sketch, paint and draw to your heart's content.

02. Fontly

Download free app Fontly for a wealth of type inspiration

Need type inspiration for your next project? Then you need to become part of the Fontly community. Dedicated to type-lovers, with this nifty little app you can share and discover some of the world's best typographic wonders, including everything from foil and handpainted lettering to ghost signs and architectural designs.

03. Sketchbook Express

Sketchbook Express is an easy-to-use painting and drawing application

Sketchbook Express from Autodesk is available in two versions – mobile and tablet – depending on the size of your device. An easy-to-use painting and drawing application, it has everything you need to create simple sketches to more complex undertakings, such as using layers and detailed brushes.

04. Sketcher Lite

free android apps for designers

You can pay a small fee to upgrade to Sketcher Pro

This basic sketching app features 11 brushes, colour picker and eraser, and lets you share your doodles via email and MMS. It's free to download, or you can splash out $1.99/£1.31 for Sketcher Pro and enjoy additional features such as adjustable canvas size and the ability to pan/zoom.

05. Skitch

Evernote's free app is a basic tool that lets you sketch – or 'skitch' – something new or annotate an existing image and then share with others. Bear in mind that you must first have an active Evernote account, also free, before you can download Skitch onto your tablet.

06. Daltonizer

free android apps for designers

Several colour modes are included, including Protanopia and Deuteranopia

Want to see how people affected by colour-blindness will perceive your designs? This clever little app shows you just that. Several colour modes are included, including Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia, and you're able to compare a colour blind view with normal vision in split-screen.

07. Serious Paint

free android apps for designers

Brush up your painting skills for free

This free painting app focusing on natural brush effects and smooth, pleasant workflow, Serious Paint boasts natural media brushes that simulate proper bristles and blending. One of its niftiest features is Colour Sweep, a configurable swatch of colour that you can set up and then access with a simple gesture while drawing.

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