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Samare: delightful romantic short

Words: Andy Martin

A beautiful and delicate mixed media animation from Nicolai Troshinsy. Built upon a simple premise, this short creates an intimate, romantic atmosphere as the two characters interact with each other.

Smart touches such as the pages turning as the characters blow and unrelated objects giving the viewer the sense of the power of the wind, elevate this animation from the norm.

Animation exercise

It was made as an animation exercise while Nicolai was studying at the animation school La Poudriére in Valence.

Currently Nicolai is working on a new short called Astigmatismo which you can pre-order to help with the funding of the production. He has set up a website where you can follow the progress of the animation as he makes it if you contribute. And here is a teaser trailer for it with a bit of behind the scenes footage...

Andy Martin is a freelance animation director with over 10 years experience in the field. He also dabbles in illustration and music creation. See his work at his site and follow him at @handymartian.