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The 5 best places to get stock animation

The best stock image libraries aren't just good for photos and illustrations - you can use them to find stock animation too. Here we round up the best places to find the footage you're looking for online.

01. Eye Idea

Eye Idea is a great platform offering a beautiful and extensive selection of stock animation. Catering to some of the biggest companies around the world, their services include video, animation, illustration photography, 3D modelling and more.

02. Shutterstock

Shutterstock offers some great stock animation, alongside vector and photographic images for all design needs and categories. It boasts an well thought-out navigation system ensuring you find what you want quickly and easily.

03. Wavebreak Media

Wavebreak Media is an impressive website that helps you find the right stock animation for your project without fuss - and with an online chat option in case you get stuck. There's also a great range of photographic and vector based images, at low and occasionally free price range.

04. Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a great resource for a number of design and creative learning ventures, including some great stock animation. There is a wide range available to download, with easy to find options. There are also some great tutorials to ensure you get the best results with the images you incorporate within your design work.

05. Getty Images

Primarily known as an image library (hence the name), Getty Images is also a good place to find stock animation. Its site offers a highly professional selection, raising it above other more generic stock animation websites.

Words: Meryem Meg

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