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Pixar's magical new short

Remember the song 'I'm a pink toothbrush, you're a blue toothbrush'? Well that's the basic concept behind Pixar's new animated short, The Blue Umbrella, that you can have a sneak peek of in the clip above.

Due out in June, it's the tale of two umbrellas - one blue, one red - who fall eternally in love amidst the rain in a singing city. In just 30 seconds, and with an apparently minimal approach to animation, Pixar proves again that it can create magic and emotion out of the drabbest and most uninspiring settings.

'The Blue Umbrella' is expected to play in cinemas in support of the forthcoming Monsters Inc prequel, Monsters University. Last week Pixar released a clever teaser video for that movie which is also well worth checking out...

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