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Studio showreel puts its team centre stage

Sometimes, you just want to see something a bit, well, different in a showreel. Enter: Omega Darling. The boutique New York-based post-production house has taken an innovative approach to its latest reel, employing motion-capture techniques - "some in-house, some off -the-shelf" - to animate team members introducing the studio. It's entertaining, engaging and offers more than just a showcase of skill.

"It was a labour of love - something I worked on with a couple of our interns whenever we had an hour or two of free time over the course of a few months," reveals founder and creative director Zach Shukan. "We've received a ton of positive responses, and a few projects from agencies that we hadn't worked with."

If you want to see more of Omega Darling's work, here's a fuller showreel, sadly without the animated team members.

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 223.