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WATCH THIS! Adam Buxton's Counting Song

Those of you unfamiliar with the world of Adam Buxton, of Adam & Joe fame, you're missing out of some of the best off-the-wall comedy to come out of Britain in the last 15 years.

Adam & Joe, famous for their Channel 4 TV series and radio shows on London's XFM and BBC 6 Music, have delighted big kids for years with their stop-motion Star Wars toys animations, irreverent antics, and hilarious short musical numbers - in particular the Song Wars ditties created for their 6 Music show. While Joe Cornish is now pursuing a movie directorial career, which has already realised the Brit flick hit Attack the Block, Adam Buxton has continued the anarchic and occasionally surreal comedy that the pair became known for.

The Counting Song was brought to life for Adam Buxton's new Sky Atlantic series Bug by freelance animator Cyriak, with the illustrations by Sarah Brown, aka Kookizu.

Cyriak mainly utilises Photoshop CS6 and After Effects CS6 for his animations, and has worked on a wide variety of commercial projects, including advertising, channel idents, and music videos.

You can see more from Cyriak on his YouTube channel, and indeed check out Buxton's too - here in the Creative Bloq office we are particular fans of his PooPooPartyPomPom video!