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Watermark your photos with this easy-to-use app


Apply text and logo watermarks with PhotoMarks

Watermarks are a quick way of protecting your photos from theft as well as getting your name seen. There are many photo apps out there you can use to add customisable watermarks to your online pics, but this new app from Bits&Coffee promises to make it easier than ever.

Photomarks 2 is a universal iOS app which can apply text and logo watermarks to images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It also applies to photos shared via email.

Your watermark can be any image from your device, and with the option to customise the size, shape and transparency of your logo you can get the exact look you want.

Photomarks 2

Simple controls let you adjust your watermark's appearance

By working on multiple layers you can edit mistakes or redo actions without affecting the original picture, plus they can be saved in full resolution. Photomarks 2 is available now to download from iTunes.

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