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AROUND THE BLOQ: Halloween giveaway, web development tips and much more!

20 web designers to follow on Behance

Looking for inspiration? We've put together a list of some of the best web design portfolios on, the 'showcase and discover' creative network for designers.

Design a stunning typeface with just six shapes

In this tutorial, graphic designer Angus MacPherson walks through how to create an elegant modular alphabet using Illustrator's Snap To Grid command.

3D World Halloween giveaway

3D World and friends are giving away Halloween goodies for you to enjoy, from free training to great models. Here are four models for any Halloween scene, created exclusively for you by 3D World technical editor Rob Redman.

25 web development tips to boost your skills

Professional developers share tips and tricks from an accumulated century of hard won experience.

Kelli Anderson: New York state of mind

From paper record players to interactive cookbooks, New York creative Kelli Anderson delights in the element of surprise.

20 great examples of doodle art

For some, doodling is not considered to be a serious art form. But it often produces the most personal and stunning work created by an artist. Here are 20 great examples to inspire you.

Design isn't just about pixels

Graphic designer Natasha McDiarmid talks about why rich life experiences are as important as design theory.