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AROUND THE BLOQ: Olympic posters, typography tips, web design tools and more!

OLYMPIC SPECIAL: Discover the 10 best Olympic poster designs

Check out the best official Olympic poster designs of the last 100 years. Has your favourite made the list?

New tools for web design and development

This month, Mark Penfold's round-up of the best new tools ranges from cutting-edge experiments to down-to-earth utilities. Give them a try; they're all free.

Cinema 4D R14: first look

As Maxon announces the forthcoming release of Cinema 4D R14, 3D World technical editor and R14 beta tester Rob Redman offers his early assessment of the new features.

Mix vector shape layers in Photoshop CS6 for abstract effects

In this video tutorial, Computer Arts Projects art editor Luke O'Neill explains how to use the Shape Layers and Content-Aware move tools in your designs.

Pro typography tips

Kick your type into shape with some expert advice from graphic designer and typographer Craig Ward.

A future friendly workflow

User experience director Luke Brooker explains the thinking behind the Future Friendly initiative and how it can help adjust your workflow.

User interface design is spiralling off in multiple directions right now. Rob Carney takes a look at the hottest recent trends, from skeuomorphism and photo-realistic icons to buttonless design.