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AROUND THE BLOQ: Typography trends, Pixar's Brave, Pinterest boards and much more!

Typography is changing fast, and designers need to stay abreast of developments. Discover 20 trends that will inspire you to think different about your own use of typography.

The making of Pixar's Brave

Pixar’s latest movie Brave takes cloth simulation to the next level. Barbara Robertson talks to the team behind the studio’s FizT technology.

Freelancing - when and how to turn good work away

Here, Chuck Anderson explains why you don't necessarily have to take all the work that comes your way.

20 brilliant Pinterest boards every designer should follow

As Pinterest becomes ever more popular, the Creative Bloq team picked the best boards for graphic design including logos and print design.

Top responsive web design problems - and how to avoid them!

James Young recently surveyed his fellow designers about the biggest problems they face on responsive sites. Here, he reports on the results - and offers his solutions.

Wake up and smell the roses. Even better - draw some

Founder and managing director of design and animation studio SPOV Allan Leitch laments the fact that so many designers don't seem to be able to draw. will change social networking forever

With $800,000 of crowd funding in place, the new social network threatens the ad-supported business models of Facebook and Twitter, argues Jim Morrison.