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What would Wikipedia look like if it were made in the 80s?

Created in 2001, Wikipedia is now the world's seventh largest website. But what would it look like had it been developed in the 1980s? Well, much like this video created by artist Jo Luijten aka Squirrel-Monkey we'd imagine.

The two-minute demo sees a familiar flashing cursor waiting for a user to input commands to search the site, just as they would've on computers from the 80s running the BASIC programming language. A world away from what artists are currently developing using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

We love the feelings of nostalgia this short, tongue-in-cheek video conjours. Luitjen's searches include old school items such as a Walkman, cellular phone, and mullet, all of which return humourous and witty findings.

Luijten's enthusiam for dead techbology from the past is evident in the attention to detail in his videos. We all remember having to use 'F' keys to access different parts of the menu, right? It's hard to believe this is what a computer interface looked like just a few decades ago.

If you enjoyed Luijten's wonderful 8-bit version of Wikipedia, check out the other popular websites he's transported back in time here.

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