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Adam Dewhirst on the joys of live speed sculpting

You don't get to work for an Oscar-winning VFX company like Framestore without being right at the top of your game. And so when someone like Adam Dewhirst, a 3D modeller for Framestore, gives advice, it's worth a listen.

In this exclusive interview held at Zed, HP's popup workspace for creatives in London's Soho, Dewhirst explains why speed sculpting isn't just a gimmick or a bit of fun - it's actually been central to honing his skills and making him the accomplished 3D artist he is today.

Keen to share the speed sculpting word, Dewhirst has been taking part in a unique challenge at Zed. Over 10 days, he's been making full of the latest HP workstations to create speed sculpts of the community’s choosing via social media, as well as taking part in a live sculpting event entitled 'Release the Beast' along with other modelers from Framestore - see him in action in the video.

If you want to follow Dewhirst's fine example and get started with speed sculpting yourself, then check out this article about the philosophy behind speed sculpting and how you can fit it into your daily 3D routine.

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