10 amazing examples of cannabis branding

Leafs By Snoop

Pentagram took on the brand design duties for Leafs By Snoop

Branding and logo design isn't something you'd immediately associate with cannabis, but with the demon herb gradually becoming legal – or at least less illegal – around the world, there's an increasing effort to create appealing cannabis brands.

In the USA in particular, where cannabis is legal in four states, decriminalised in 18 and legal for medicinal use in 25, the market for legal cannabis is growing and a number of companies are getting in on the act.

Part of this effort is focused on making cannabis products more respectable and acceptable, and moving on from the traditional stoner image, and so design agencies are being called in to create brand identities for all manner of cannabis products.

Here, then, are ten amazing cannabis brands that are worlds away from furtively purchasing a grubby plastic baggie filled with something green that you hope isn't oregano.

01. Marley Natural

Cannabis branding: Marley Natural

Now you can literally buy a nice bit of Bob Marley

The latest big launch in the world of legal cannabis comes attached to the name of perhaps the most famous recreational herbalist ever. Marley Natural is more than just its selection of four branded herbs – it's a whole lifestyle brand, with a line of hemp seed body care products and a collection of high-end black walnut smoking accessories. The eye-catching Marley Natural logo design is the work of Seattle agency, Heckler Associates.

02. Leafs by Snoop

Cannabis branding: Leafs By Snoop

Snoop's Pentagram-designed packaging is gloriously high-end

Snoop Dogg brought in Pentagram to design the brand identity and packaging for his line of cannabis products: Leafs by Snoop. Pentagram's Emily Oberman led the project, coming up with a distinctive leaf-based logo (including an animated version), luxurious weed boxes – complete with hand-written quotes from Snoop – and a range of edibles including six chocolate bars and a line of cannabis sweets called, brilliantly, 'Dogg Treats'. You can read more about Pentagram's work here.

03. Mirth Provisions

Cannabis branding: Mirth Provisions

Do not attempt to ride your fixie after a bottle of Legal

Targeted at the cannabis connoisseur, Mirth Provisions has two product lines: a cannabis-infused soft drink called Legal, and Drift, a sublingual THC spray that's pitched as being healthier than smoking and easier to control than edibles. Company founder Adam Stites called in Portland branding agency Sockeye to work on Mirth's branding, creating an artisanal look for Legal and a more sleek identity for Drift.

04. Kiva Confections

Cannabis branding: Kiva Confections

Kiva's connoisseur chocolate is cannabis for the Green & Black crew

One of the most recognised medical cannabis companies in California, Kiva Confections grew out of need to create an edible cannabis product that was potent, consistent, and enjoyable to consume. By teaming up with expert chocolatiers and cultivators, Kiva came up with an award-winning range of cannabis chocolates, and its branding – by San Francisco agency MINE – reflects the company's sophisticated connoisseur angle.

05. House of Jane

Cannabis branding: Jane's Brew

A nice cup of Jane's Brew should perk you right up

Dallas agency Think It Design came up with a whole identity package – covering everything from branding and graphic design through packaging and point-of sale – for Jane's Brew, a gourmet range of award-winning cannabis-infused teas, coffees and hot chocolates. It's a friendly look that reflects the identity of the eponymous Jane, described as being "approachable, classy, fun-loving, spiritually in-touch, engaging, responsible, social, somewhat rebellious and endearingly quirky."

06. Willie's Reserve

Cannabis branding: Willie's Reserve

Willie Nelson's Legendary Stash - not quite so outlaw now

Country music legend Willie Nelson is another musician known for his love of a bit of greenery, and when he decided to launch his own cannabis range he turned to Santa Monica agency, Rival. They came up with brand identity that that captured a blend of his outlaw reputation, his wisdom from years on the road, and his overwhelming belief in fun and freedom, and used visual elements from Willie's famous guitar to build a complete brand guidebook and design language.

07. Dixie Elixirs

Cannabis branding: Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs' forward-thinking range matches its futuristic logo

Colorado-based Dixie Elixirs has an enormous range of THC-infused products, covering everything from chocolates, mints and drinks, through to bath soak and muscle relief lotion. Its striking minimalist logo design pitches the company as 'the future of cannabis', and this singular brand value is carried through in its stylish and often futuristic packaging.

08. Wana Edibles

Cannabis branding: Wana Edibles

Enhance your life with Wana, cleverly disguised as a healthfood brand

Built around the tagline 'Enhance your life', Wana believes that the responsible use of cannabis is a life enhancing experience and that the use of Wana's products is the best way to enjoy cannabis. With a brand based on professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation, Wana's range of edibles, extracts and medicinals share a no-nonsense design that's almost clinical in its looks, giving the brand a definite air of respectability.

09. Plus Gum

Cannabis branding: Plus Gum

Plus Gum - infused with cannabis but low key and discreet

It's hard to tell at first glance that Plus Gum is a cannabis product. Currently only available in California, it's marketed as a low calorie, discreet medication that just works, and its low-key packaging reflects that ethos.

10. Korova Edibles

Cannabis branding: Korova

Korova's artisan packaging looks well horrorshow

With a name reminiscent of the famous milk bar in A Clockwork Orange, Korova's range of cookies, brownies and white cheddar popcorn comes with the tagline, 'Unrivaled potency', and features retro packaging that wouldn't look out of place on any line of artisan snacks. The big giveaway is the cow-head branding, complete with a droog-style bowler-hat and an unsettling third eye.

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