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The best drawing gloves in 2021 for all tablets

best drawing gloves
(Image credit: Xencelabs)

The best drawing gloves are essential for digital artists. Sometimes called artist gloves, they only have two fingers and exist to cover the side of your palm that lies on the surface where you're drawing. The fingers you use to grip your stylus, brush or pencil are left uncovered so your control is unaffected. 

Traditionally, drawing glubs were used to reduce the risk of smudging your work – they also avoid sweat or grease getting onto the surface you're working with. Nowadays, they have another purpose for digital work – to stop accidental inputs with digital drawing or painting on an iPad or other tablet and to reduce the friction you get from hand-on-screen (We've got plenty of great suggestions should you be on the hunt for one of the best drawing tablets.)

Often accidental inputs don't come from the side of your hand but instead from the first couple of fingers closest to the surface you're using. Drawing gloves avoid these from occurring. They also protect any rings from scratching the screen of your tablet. 

They also avoid the screen becoming a smeary mess too, of course. Our skin produces natural oils which transfer onto the surface. Usually, the main side effect of this is that the display gets smeary - not great for precision work - but it can also affect the performance of some stylii, too. 

The best drawing gloves make the whole process of working with a stylus a whole lot more pleasant and efficient. Here we look at the range of gloves available to help you decide which are the best drawing gloves for you.

The best drawing gloves available now

Xencelabs Artist Glove

(Image credit: Xencelabs)

01. Xencelabs Artist Glove

Available in three sizes, there are several options here

Colour: Black | Weight: 20g | Length: 22cm | Width: 9.4cm

Available in small, medium, large
Flexible and breathable
No other colours

What makes the Xencelabs Artist Glove one of the best drawing gloves is that it's available in three different sizes, unlike many rivals which are available in one or two sizes. The measurements above are for the largest version - the medium is 20.5cm long and 8.6cm wide, while small is 19.7cm long and 7.5cm wide. 

Obviously only you'll be able to decide which of these sizes is best for you. The gloves can be used on either the right or left hand and they're extremely well priced. A lot of the reviews on Amazon are also very positive.  

Huion Cura CR-01

(Image credit: Huion)

02. Huion Cura CR-01 Artist Glove

A drawing glove with top materials and breathability

Colour: Black | Weight: 18g | Length: 20cm | Width: 8cm

Excellent customer reviews

This durable glove from Huion has some great user reviews and is rated as one of the best drawing gloves for comfort. It's made from high-elastic Lycra fibre and nylon, which offers great breathability and prevents smudging (anti-fouling). However, like others here it still doesn't prevent accidental touching of the touchscreen. 

Comfort is the name of the game with the Huion Cura and there's no seam behind the little finger part of the glove, the idea being that there's nothing to cause discomfort by having excess fabric under your finger. Again, the glove can be used on either the left or right hand and Huion says that these are one-size-fits-all. 

best drawing gloves

(Image credit: Articka)

03. Articka Artist Glove

Made completely of Lycra, this is great for breathability too

Colour: Black or white | Weight: 9g | Length: 20cm | Width: 8cm

100 percent Lycra
Two sizes available, also white

Available in both small and large sizes and also in black and white, this is a terrific drawing glove from Articka, again covering the last two fingers of the desired hand. 

The measurements above are for the larger version; the smaller glove measures 18cm by 6.6cm and so is around 2cm shorter and just under 1.5cm slimmer in width.

The Articka Artist Glove is very inexpensive, can be used on both the left and right hand and, as with all these gloves, are completely unisex.

best drawing gloves

(Image credit: Mixoo)

04. Mixoo Artist Gloves

Available in a two-pack and in three different sizes

Colour: Black | Weight: 18g | Length: 23cm | Width: 9cm

Three sizes available
Two pack
Only available in black

Another of the best drawing gloves, these Mixoo Artist Gloves are available in three different sizes and also come in a two-pack, too. They're perfect for use with any medium and are designed to glide along the surface. 

Again, the measurements we've provided above are for the large version. The small gloves are 18cm long and 7cm wide while the medium measurements are 20cm long and 8cm wide. So you'll be able to choose the drawing glove that's right for you. 

Unlike some of the other options here, these gloves are made of cotton (rather than Lycra or similar material). The manufacturer says it's a durable material.

best drawing gloves

(Image credit: Parblo )

05. Parblo PR-05

These one-size gloves are a great option

Colour: Black | Weight: 15g | Length: 22cm | Width: 9cm

Made of spandex
One colour only

The spandex ParbloParblo PR-05 Drawing Tablet Glove is stretchy, breathable and sweatproof for a comfortable fit. It only comes in one size though, so if you have a smaller hand you might be better off looking elsewhere. 

Like other options, the material is designed to be hard-wearing, while manufacturer Parblo says the gloves are mark resistant and won't stain your hands either. They're suitable for all uses and can be used on either hand as with the other options here. While there's a small manufacturer's label, there are no markings on the glove itself if that's important for you. 

best drawing gloves

(Image credit: Otraki)

06. OTraki Artist Glove

Four pack, available in three different sizes

Colour: Black | Weight: 40g (per pack) | Length: 22cm | Width: 9cm

Three sizes available
Four pack
Only in black

The OTraki Artist Glove comes in a four-pack so is ideal for those who need one for each hand or regular users who will go through gloves regularly. 

These gloves are made of high-elastic Lycra. OTraki says they shouldn't need to be washed too frequently thanks to anti-stain properties, like almost all the options here they're only available in black. 

The measurements above are for large. The medium is 2cm shorter at 20cm long and 7.5cm wide while the small is 18.5cm long and 7cm wide. A lot of the reviews on Amazon of this set are also highly positive. 

Wobeeco Drawing Glove

(Image credit: Wobeeco)

07. Wobeeco Drawing Glove

Two pack, anti-fouling design

Colour: Black | Weight: 30g (per pack) | Length: 21cm | Width: 8.5cm

Two pack
Good user reviews
One colour only
Seam inside 

Available in a two-pack, the Wobeeco drawing gloves are made from soft Lycra and nylon. The manufacturer says they do not deform over time and are easy to wash - however Wobeeco doesn't recommend putting them in a washing machine. As with many of these types of glove, they will be quick-drying too in case you need to re-use them in a hurry! 

Again these gloves are able to be used with either your right or left hand. Pretty much the only negative is that some users report a seam inside the glove which can make things a little uncomfortable. 

Huion Skeleton Glove

(Image credit: HUION)

08. Huion Skeleton Glove

A distinctive design with Huion quality

Colour: Black | Weight: 10g | Length: 20cm | Width: 8cm

Good brand
The design won't be for everyone

Made of high-elastic Lycra fibre and nylon for ultimate breathability, this distinctive Huion Skeleton Glove certainly has an individual style! It won't be to everyone's taste of course, but it's very inexpensive and comfortable. There's no seam behind the little finger part of the glove so there isn't any excess fabric under your finger, which can be an issue. 

Because of the materials used, it should be durable, too. The skeleton print is only on one side, but of course, it can be used on both right and left hands. And you can always use it for dressing up, too! 

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