10 ways to make it as a creative entrepreneur

10 ways to make it as a creative entrepenaur

Losing the security of working as a creative director or graphic designer for a studio can make taking that leap into freelance life a scary one. But hard work and an open mind can go a long way to being your own boss and having the luxury of working from home. Here are 10 ways to make it as a creative entrepreneur...

01. Have a passion

This difference between regular entrepreneurs and creative entrepreneurs is in the doing. You'll be the one art directing, designing websites or editing video. Ensure you have the passion and drive to want to do these things each day.

02. Become belligerent

Having a passion for creative work is one thing, but having the determination and sheer ruddy-mindedness to pursue it at all costs (if you don't already) is something entirely different.

03. Have a vision

The point of being a creative entrepreneur is to be in charge of your own destiny. Ensure you have at least a rough idea of where that destiny is heading, and direct your efforts that way.

04. Collaborate

Collaboration means understanding and enlisting complementary skill sets. Reach out to other creatives with your ideas, and you'll soon be asked to come on board their projects too.

05. Embrace the late nights

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone – and certainly not those who prefer the nine-to-five. Embrace the work you're doing, because there will be lots of it.

06. Never stop learning

There are hundreds of creative learning resources available, and each hour you dedicate to learning a new skill counts towards your business and creative success.

07. Network

It's not about winning new clients, necessarily; it's more about promoting and cementing your reputation as a creative entity. That and meeting cool people.

08. Self-promote

Online, offline, through social media and, you know, in actual real life too. Getting your name and brand of unique creativity to the fore is nothing to be embarrassed about.

09. Keep going

At times it may feel as though you're waging war against yourself. Keep in mind the alternative: slaving for someone else's bottom line on projects you'll never own or enjoy.

10. Do what you want

Seriously. This is what differentiates creative entrepreneurs from serial entrepreneurs. If a project comes across your desk that doesn't feel 'right', don't do it, and spend the time on something you're passionate about.

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 253. Buy it here.

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