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Free cheat sheet so you can brand your social media pages with ease

social media cheat sheet

Find out all you need about Facebook, Twitter and more all in one place

Setting up the social media channels for your company, brand, collective or simply for yourself can be a stressful and time-consuming activity. Figuring out the size each image needs to be, how big the file should be and how many different options you need is enough to make just about anyone run out of patience.

Thankfully, this social media cheat sheet from The Pink Group have accumulated everything you need to know about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on and put it into one handy document that you can refer back to again and again.

Summing up which social media channel is good for what, the sheet allows you to make your profiles the prettiest they can be. With more and more of you receiving work through the channels, the way you look online has never been more important.

Head on over to The Pink Group to download the cheat sheet.

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