How to interview for a design job

How to interview for a design job

Interviewing can be stressful – we'll help you to prepare

Interviewing for a job is normally stressful and thrilling. You are being tested and you know it. As much as you prepare for it, the outcome can be unpredictable. You could be asked something unexpected, you don't know the person you are dealing with or what their current mood is. It's both a professional transaction and a personality test.

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Claudio Guglieri is an independent designer and creative director. Claudio has been responsible for directing and executing interactive experiences for clients like Google, Kayak, EA, CNN, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, History Channel and Motorola to name a few. He previously was CD at Elephant working for Apple, led the Design Department at Fantasy Interactive as Design Director, and freelanced helping companies like Lonely Planet or MixPanel creating and improving their digital products.