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Why New York creatives are moving to LA

adobe and behance New York and LA

Adobe commissioned Behance to conduct a series of studies on the two areas

Every city has its own appeal when it comes to creativity; networking, inspiration and pay are just some of the aspects factored in. It's no surprise then, that some creatives jump ship to another to find their creative calling – and it seems that many New York residents have done just that. A recent study has seen epicenter of creativity in NY and moving westward to another – LA.

In the latest edition of Adobe Digital Index, they take a look at how New York and Los Angeles are stacking up on the creative forefronts of design, photography, fashion and more by investigating themes like: What unites and separates these two epicenters of innovation? What creative fields typify the regions? What counties are tops in creativity within LA/NY – and what are they doing that stands out?

LA seems to be more ingrossed in the digital aspects of design, with web design and creative direction the top trending focus areas, whereas New York's focus is in print design and typography. Want to find out more? Head to the Adobe blog to read the rest of the results.

adobe and behance New York and LA

Each area has a difference in design trends

adobe and behance New York and LA

Why are NY creatives more into mobile?

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