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Change the way you read with dotdotdot

Berlin-based visual designer Thomas Weyres is part of the four-person team behind dotdotdot a social reading app for browsers, iPhone and iPad. Dotdotdot enables you to manage and organise all of your eBooks, snippets of text and RSS feeds in one place, tag and locate your favourite passages quickly and easily, and share what you’re reading with Twitter, Facebook and fellow dotdotdot users – including specific quotes and your comments on them.

"We have a lot of designers using the tool," says Weyres. "It’s great to scroll to your timeline in dotdotdot and discover interesting texts that other designers are reading, seeing what they highlight in those texts and what they comment on."

The app is currently in a private beta phase. The feedback, Weyres says, has been good and he envisages it being a big hit with the creative industry. "Dotdotdot solves a problem that everybody who works with digital text has: having a lot of interesting texts from different sources, and different file-types that you need to archive."

dotdotdot app

dotdotdot app 2

This article was originally published in Computer Arts issue 211.

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