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Cinematic experience brings dry product data to life

The Fidelio range of portable speakers and speaker docks by Philips is pretty top notch, but also poses a challenge for any agency trying to hang a campaign around the product range. Stinkdigital stepped up to the challenge with The Sound of Creation, a website offering visitors the chance to explore the narrative of acoustic design and craftsmanship behind the award winning line of Philips speakers.

The site, which has the intriguing tagline, "When you explore the unknown, beautiful things can happen", combines video and audio, and is an interactive collaboration between songwriter and producer Washed Out and Stink director Gustav Johansson.

Essentially, Philips is guiding you though product information, but in a way that feels less like thumbing through a dry, technical catalogue and more like a cinematic experience, complete with deep-voiced, tongue-in-cheek voiceover.

"Many of our projects require accurate manipulation of video and audio," says Stinkdigital executive producer James Britton. "We are experimenting more and more with HTML5 video and web audio, but cross-browser compatibility is still a key requirement for most of our clients.

"The reality is that experiences in HTML currently take longer [than Flash] to test and debug. While there were many challenges synching audio and picture on this latest Philips project, Flash proved to be the best tool for job."

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 235.

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